Our History

In the late 1990s in an effort to even better serve the community they were called to join forces by former Mayor, the Honorable Willie L. Brown Jr. Understanding the power of collaboration and determining what could be accomplished cooperatively to address social service needs of their parishioners, the TCDC was incorporated on February 22, 2001. Subsequently it was granted tax exempt status on January 14, 2002 becoming a 501c-3 organization. And what better way to serve members of their collective congregations than by providing them with neighborhood access to a safe, clean and affordable place to live.

In 2007, after much prayer, deliberation, and research these five community stakeholders strategically decided to focus on building affordable housing units as a mechanism to help pay for program services. However, the primary objective is in developing affordable rental units to keep black families from leaving San Francisco and to build homes for sale that will increase ownership within the African American community. Today, with an enduring mission to direct positive economic and societal changes in underserved communities where their churches are located, the founders continue to leverage resources, build important community relationships, and create various partnerships, through shared efforts and joint ventures.

The churches have an impressive history developing low cost housing programs, homeownership initiatives, senior housing and addressing homeless issues. As a result, each minister has significant experience with affordable housing development. Collectively the five parishes currently own and sponsor over 1,000 units of low income and senior housing.