About Us

Tabernacle Community Development Corporation (TCDC) is a faith based non-profit founded by five of San Francisco’s most prominent African American ministers. They represent five denominational organizations with over 30,000 members, servicing more than 15 million constituents nationwide and providing humanitarian support through missions on four continents. As central institutions in the City, the founding parishes have provided housing for the most marginalized residents, services for impacted populations, and economic opportunities to local small businesses.

In the late 1990s in an effort to even better serve the community they were called to join forces by former Mayor, the Honorable Willie L. Brown Jr. Understanding the power of collaboration and determining what could be accomplished cooperatively to address social service needs of their parishioners, the TCDC was incorporated on February 22, 2001. Subsequently it was granted tax exempt status on January 14, 2002 becoming a 501c-3 organization. And what better way to serve members of their collective congregations than by providing them with neighborhood access to a safe, clean and affordable place to live.


As ministers with strong personal missions, these members of the Board of Directors listed above have for the past three decades worked diligently and tirelessly on diverse faith based social service and economic development programs throughout San Francisco, including affordable housing development projects. This has resulted in the churches’ non profit affiliates owning more than 1,000 units, a laudable feat- but not a surprise given the tenacity and dedication of each one involved.

The Tabernacle CDC’s current identity as a community development corporation resulted from those early efforts, support and teamwork of some of the oldest and most established African American parishes in San Francisco, one dating back to 1852. That’s 157 years of faith! These neighborhood leaders were drawn together because of their comparable mission to serve low and moderate income working families targeting African American, youth, seniors and marginalized residents. This is the primary target market in need of affordable housing throughout San Francisco.